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Can't wait to see the rest

It's Madness with more of a storyline then "guy kills everything" AND it's got zombies, what's not to like?

Oh, and I can't thank you enough for using my music, this is definitely the most high-profile submission to ever use it, and it seems to have given that song a fair bit of attention.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

I love your song.
It's good to know you're getting some good attention, because that also means that people are watching the credits.

Knox in the making

Even if the style wasn't completely original, you did an excellent job there...also, kudos on actually finding a place where my crappy music fits >.<. Up to this point, I had regretted even uploading that song.

TamiyaGuy responds:

the famous AceIH has reviewed Just A Day In ClayWorld 2??? Wow. Thanks for your thoughts on JADICW 2. I just was looking around for SMB music, and thought that was perfect ^_^. And your music isn't crappy, I've no idea how you made that so rockin' :P.

Well, really happy that you liked it, and look out for JADICW 3!! (not for some time, though)

I just couldn't sit through this whole thing...

I can tell there's some talent there somewhere, but there were just far too many problems with this submission:

1. Opening sequence shamelessly rips off Airplane II (at least I think that's where I've heard it), except Airplane did it a whole lot better and without spelling errors.
2. How hard is it to a run a freaking spellcheck?
3. You have some artistic talent, why the complete lack of polish (mostly with the text)?
4. The sound was really inconsistent...the voice acting was fine but it's late and I'm being forced to constantly turn my volume up and down to be able to hear anything without waking people up.
5. Wasn't really all that funny...seems like most of the jokes had at least a little potential but just weren't timed well.

Now, there is some talent here in terms of graphics, so you should keep making more, but I'd put a little bit more effort into everything else and I think you'd have a real winner. Course, what do I know, you managed to get to the first page, but there is some serious room for improvement.

Good Stuff!

First off, great soundtrack. There was no way I could hear both Edwin Starr and Dropkick Murphys and give this any lower than an 7...the graphics are pretty good as well--the nonsprite segments were well-done and even the sprite segments were well-animated...for sprite segments at least. The humor, at least at the beginning, seemed a little off, but by the end things really picked up.

So, good job, make more, now. In fact, I forbid you to have a life outside of Flash. Get working!


You used our music...and it's not even one of our better songs, haha. But thanks, I do appreciate it, and it is a pretty cool animation to boot.

X02 responds:


Very nice piece of work

The animation and action was superb...my only complaint is the sound: the music became a little repetitive and there were not any sound effects. Still, great work and an amazing first submission.

Pretty decent

Not bad by any means, and not really my style, but I've seen you featured on the Toilet and I recognize the music, so I assume you're a local. Huntsville pride! Gotta support a fellow Huntsvegas-an so I'm giving you a 5. And definitely a nice choic in music.


The second I saw the konami code, I knew I'd be giving this a five lol. But seriously, nice work. The only things I would suggest are putting a little music on the menu and maybe making things a little bit smoother in the last segment. Otherwise, flawless.

Blamming this would be a crime

My only complaint is that it is short, but otherwise...nice animation, nice style, and NICE choice of music (whoo streetlight manifesto)

Kick ass

Like a more serious, drugged-out Knox...what's not to love

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